Content Marketing Strategy – “What”, “Why” and “How To” Advice

Content without quality, richness and usefulness will not convert into traffic or leads to your site. Today, Google and Bing – the most popular search engines emphasis more on ‘quality content’, the content that helps the end-users and solve their problems or issues. So, to get more traffic to your site that ultimately generates revenue for your company or business you ought to take content marketing seriously and raise the quality of your content to give your customers the things they really want to hear from you or get help for anything they find difficulty with.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an umbrella term that covers the creation and sharing of free content with the aim of attracting and converting website visitors into customers and existing customers into repeat buyers. Content marketing is about creating useful and valuable content that is closely associated to the product the website sells. When people reading the content find it good and valuable, it will allow them to know you, like you, and trust you. When this happens, they will buy what you are selling. That is why content marketing is an invaluable tool for any Internet marketer.

Key Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about continuously creating valuable and informative content that readers are seeking or
something that they enjoy reading. Hence, if you are a content marketer, you should pay attention to the kind of content you are creating. Your content should always be closely linked to your brand, services and products. The target audience of the content can be newbies or even experts. Besides, the content can be created for your already existing fan base or prospects. You can strategize content that is educational, shocking, fun or even emotional in nature. Whatever be the genre of writing, it should be intended towards appealing readers and obtaining the desired results. But, while you will be spending time on creating quality content, you should invest some time in being aware of the benefits you can get from content marketing.

For instance, It:

  • Helps you build strong relationship with your customer, once they see your genuine efforts to connect with them
  • Results in increase in number of visitors to your site, a cumulative result of increased inbound links, social media shares and higher SEO ranking.
  • A bigger pool of educated and informed customers, who in turn promote your company through word of mouth and social media publicity
  • Because of the trust that develops, you have few irate customers and complaints
  • You earn a reputation of an industry thought-leader
  • You get the chance to connect with your customers and make an influence over their buying decisions